Lyrics to Love Won the Fight

Love Won the Fight

Copyright – 2005 Universal/MCA Music GmbH

Made in God’s image they were queen and king

Meant to be rulers over everything.

Reaching to be like God instead they fell,

Opening the gates of sin and death and hell.

Curse of Adam, mark of Cain,

Our paradise lost to conflict and pain.

Famine, drought, endless wars, disease

Once proud, now on our knees.

And can it be the King has come to earth

King of all kings and Lord of all from birth?

Emptied himself of all but love to be

The perfect sacrifice at Calvary.

Was he God, as he claimed to be,

The author of life, nailed to a tree?

Where was justice, where was love,

Some sign from God above?

Cold, his body laid within the tomb,

Hope was dead replaced by fear and doom,

Then, in a moment in a burst of light

Death was vanquished love had won the fight!



1 thought on “Lyrics to Love Won the Fight”

  1. John Robertson & Bronwyn Jones said:

    Hi Duane, John from Australia. I have accessed the words of this beautiful song and look forward to introducing it to our church. Thanks for your help.

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